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The advent of the worldwide web (popularly known as the internet) has revolutionized not only the way we live and work, but more importantly, how we consume our information and entertainment, with its ability to give us whatever information or entertainment we want at the snap of the fingers. This phenomenon has not only enhanced the quality of our lives, it has also enabled us to do more in less time, and also to make better and smarter choices regarding our lifestyles, careers and relationships.

The internet revolution has also redefined the concept of mass media, as it has put greater control of media (in terms of dissemination and consumption) in the hands of a greater number of people, thereby empowering them in previously unimagined ways. It was the Canadian media expert Marshall McLuhan who first coined the phrase, ‘the global village’ to describe the impact of instant information on human society and culture. Thanks to the technology that drives it, the world is more closely linked and interdependent than ever before – and it is an exciting place where people enjoy increased contact and involvement with one another. McLuhan also asserted that in today’s media world, the medium doesn’t just convey the message. ‘The medium IS the message.’  In other words, it is not what you say, or even how you say it, that matters anymore, but what medium of communication and resources you deploy in conveying your message.

In this wise, web (or online) television is clearly the new wave of the future, as one can literally tune to one’s favorite channels and programme with the touch of a mobile-phone or computer keypad, or the click of a mouse. The ability to get your news and entertainment without having to wait around for it, or sit in front of a television set, is very liberating. Soon, the days when TV-watching threatened to turn a generation of viewers into the proverbial ‘couch-potatoes’ will be gone forever as more and more people gain access to internet television.

Our web channel, pace TV is on the crest of this new wave. Apart from providing the answer to people’s increasing yearning for instant news and entertainment, it taps into a deep vein of awareness about current affairs (and topical issues) on the part of our target audience and their desire to play a more active role in matters that affect their lives. The enactment in 2012 of the Freedom of Information Act by the Nigerian national assembly was a response to the need for greater transparency in public affairs and a widening of the frontiers of public awareness as a necessary part of popular and participatory democracy in Nigeria. pace TV is the online platform for what is now being called ‘The Activist Generation.’

pace TV is indeed the web channel for people who are going places. Fast.

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