Pace TV – Vision & Mission


Our web channel, pace TV intends to be nothing less than the definitive online voice for Nigeria and Africa in the global marketplace of information and ideas. It will also become the most reliable online prism through which Nigerians and Africans interpret events in the world around them. We intend to attain a highly lucrative media and commercial value thanks to our reach and the influence of our global brand.


  • To set a new standard in web TV programming in Nigeria and Africa
  • To show the best face of Nigeria and Africa to the rest of the world, and vice versa, in a bid to give our people a greater awareness of their place in the global scheme of things.
  • To set an agenda for public action on the part of all stakeholders in building a cohesive community in which justice, equity and fair play are the guiding principles.
  • To bring to the limelight the abilities and opinions of informed, enlightened and interesting Nigerians, Africans and other citizens of the global village.
  • To serve as an online platform for advertisers – African and otherwise – to showcase their goods, services and USPs to a wide and eclectic global marketplace.
  • To create global awareness about investment opportunities and other possibilities in our catchment areas.
  • To create a platform for individuals, groups, communities, corporate entities, faith-based organizations, NGOs, government and inter-governmental agencies to network for mutual benefit and maximum impact.
  • To offer a uniquely Nigerian take on events and issues – both of historical interest and those that define our world today – for the benefit of our target audience.
  • To offer a voice for the voiceless in our world, to tell untold stories, and to shine a light into some dark corners in a bid to change lives for the better.
  • To provide first-rate entertainment and features that warm the heart, enrich the soul and inspire people to live their best lives.