pregnant kaffy

pregnant kaffy
pregnant kaffy

Speaking on her family, life and what’s next in 2014, the Nigerian dancer who is married to Joseph Ameh, a member of Psquare’s band, said, “Truly, I don’t discuss my husband in terms of the kind of person he is, but I’d say I’m happily married. I have a great husband and son and I’m expecting a great child, that’s as much as I can tell you”
On her son, she said, “My son’s name is Sean Oluwatosin Joseph Ameh. A great kid, very, very smart, intelligent and I see so much in him. I see a great future for him, even from how he’s growing up and where he is right now. I know I’m going to have a handful of what he can achieve or become. He’s giving me that positive vibe already. He has not even started talking yet, but I can just feel it from what I can perceive of him. An active child and very loving”
On her pregnancy, she said, “I live a very active lifestyle, so I can enjoy the privileges that come with that. I think an average individual who studies about pregnancy knows already that pregnancy comes in different forms; some people are bedridden all through their pregnancy.
“Pregnancy has been good to me. I’ve never had a high risk pregnancy, neither do I have the type that you’re sick all through. So far, I’ve had normal pregnancies, just that some of my symptoms are quite mild unlike some other women out there. I don’t vomit. Yes, i’m nauseated and tired sometimes. Just the usual things, it’s normal. To deal with fatigue, I tune my mind to fun things, so, I ‘am always up there. I’m happy, I try to keep myself happy. I motivate myself, I can do it, I have the power to do it. I’m a self motivator.
“Pregnancy is expecting life, expecting life comes with everything, apart from the physical challenges, there are emotional challenges too. You’re expecting another baby whom you’re going to look up to and say this is another me. So, it’s a roller coaster of events,” she disclosed.



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