Princess Dammy

Princess Dammy
Princess Dammy

Popular comedienne Princess Dammy recently confirmed that her marriage to husband Jeremiah has collapsed. The entertainer newsmen that the marriage started having troubles right from the time they had the wedding at Balmoral hall. The heavily ‘chested’ Princess said they are no longer living together less than seven months after they got married
However, new facts have emerged why comedienne, Princess Dammy, real name Damilola Adekoya 7 months marriage to movie producer/ Director Adeshola Jeremiah hit the rocks.
Those close to the estranged couple told us the plum-size comedienne is very bitter with the husband for several reasons bordering on betrayal and disloyalty.
“Yes my marriage has ended due to irreconcilable differences. We have been having issues since the wedding but we still remained together hoping that we would be able to work it out. But apparently, we couldn’t work it out, hence the reason for our separation.
We actually ended it several months ago, but we didn’t want to make it public. I’m sure God knows best” The plum sized comedienne told the news portal in an interview.
Findings revealed that, barely 2 weeks into their marriage, the couple faced some marital issues. These issues degenerated so much that they couldn’t settle their differences, and they were consequently forced to separate.
However, close friends privy to the genesis of the turbulence that rocked the marriage for months, maintained the relationship developed hiccups shortly after their wedding ceremonies.
Close friends to the erstwhile lovers are pointing accusing fingers at Princess high profile lifestyle.
An industry source revealed to us that her Hubby,Adeshola, become tired of Princess high profile, party/show going lifestyle at the early stage of their union.
We gathered that Adeshola’s attempt to curtail these excesses led to the collapse of their relationship.
There were also allegations that Adeshola had thought that Princess had plenty of money, not knowing she was just a struggling woman that had a love child and family to cater for.
Not only that, close sources revealed that Adeshola only wanted to use Princess as a means to gain prominence in the showbiz industry he is still struggling to gain grounds.
The plum-size Comedienne, Princess who couldn’t condone his excesses decided to call it quits.
We also hear that several efforts have been made by family members to settle the rift.
For now, no one is sure if she is going to file for divorce.



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