In an increasingly challenging world, it’s becoming easier to start to drown with overwhelming challenges that seem to come daily. Just look at the sharp increase in mental health conditions globally; people are suffering. But fortunately awareness is on the increase as well.

Taking control of your life, or self-mastery, is a process that may require you to reset your life and start again. This can involve a complete lifestyle change, and an equally important change to the way you think about life. To live a happy and healthy life we need to look at our lives holistically. We need to combine not only the physical but the mental and emotional too. Welcome to the power of The Reset button.

How do you think about stress?
Are you managing your stress? Stress causes hormonal reactions in the body that literally overpower everything from fat loss to sleep. The body reacts to stress in the same way no matter what the stimulant may be, whether it’s physical stress, mental stress, emotional stress etc.

Stress accumulates until you can take no more and that’s when disease starts to occur. Generally if you are slow to heal, suffer from lots of injuries, catch colds frequently or struggle to put on muscle mass, you may be suffering from stress related issues. Time to chill out!

Take Action: The best way to combat stress is to address your largest cause of stress first. Put together a tick list of everything that stresses you out. Don’t forget all the different types of stress listed above. Arrange your list in order of biggest to smallest and slowly address each one. You will usually find that by addressing your biggest stressor first, things can improve quite quickly.

Review your values
Do you understand what really matters to you? Try to lead your life fighting your true values and you will lead a life of resistance and constant struggle. Both exercise and nutrition don’t mean a thing unless you get the mind in order. Why do you think people make excuses to avoid exercise or eat well? Why do most diets and exercise programs only last for weeks or only a few months? The answer lies in our values. The only true way to succeed is to first discover your values and then live in accordance with them.

If your values don’t include health or wellness or fitness, then you need to find someway to anchor health to one of your other values. For example, if friendship is one of your values, then spending time with friends in the gym or cycling could be an option. If adventure is a value, then going on active holidays is also an option. If education is a value, then going on a healthy cooking course could also be a step in the right direction.

Take Action: Take some time to think about what and who inspires you. Often the people that inspire us share the same value or values. Start making a list of these values. Be honest with yourself. Once you have a long list of values, arrange them into an order from strongest to weakest. Next compare your life to your strongest values. How do they match up? If your life and values don’t match up there will always be an internal conflict. Start making some changes.

Are you sleeping enough?
The body is governed by natural laws inherent in all of us. Do you get to bed on time? Adjust your diet according to the seasons? We have evolved to sleep and rise with the sun. Hormonal changes happen during the day that result in a cascade of reactions throughout the body. When we rise with the sun, cortisol levels are at their highest. The morning should be action time. Our ancestors would have been up and hunting early. As we move through the day cortisol levels drop, until finally at night cortisol is at its lower point before sleep. During sleep, anabolic hormones are released to heal tissue damage.

Take Action: Get to bed on time. Try to get head on pillow by 10:30pm. Wind down in the evening by reading and relaxing. Don’t watch TV in bed or minutes before sleep. Dim lights to reduce stimulation

What’s your motivation?
Are you doing what you want to do in life? Nothing enlivens the spirit more than achieving something you really want in life. Setting goals and having dreams is an important part of being happy. Once you set a clear goal and commit it to paper, something special happens. That written down goal starts to communicate with your sub-conscious. It gives it something to work on. Sometimes we don’t have all the answers but once a goal is written down and thought about, things can start to happen.

If you feel you’re stuck in a pattern, maybe you’ve been on the wrong path for too long, or maybe your life just needs a jolt, hitting that reset button could be the first step to change for the better.



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