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Fellow Nigerians. My name is Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki. I was, Once-Upon-a-Time, a Filmmaker, writer and poet. I hardly make public pronouncements these days, but recent happenings have occasioned my return from my self-imposed literary exile; my personal hiatus! I am drawn to comment on the recent Stand-off between Mr. President, and his perceived benefactor, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo. If I were President Jonathan, I would have replied General Obasanjo’s Letter VERY DIFFERENTLY. Not the Doyin Okupe way! Not the Reuben Abati way!!
His Excellency
General Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR Date: Someday in December, 2013.
Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Your Excellency,
I am in receipt of you Very Long letter to me, dated 2nd December, 2013. Pained as I might be at some of the seemingly personal attacks, I’ve elected to, in good faith and with an uncanny sincerity of purpose, look at the sublime.
My President Sir, I am your son, politically and otherwise. Like you so succinctly pointed out in your letter (permit me to quote you, though not verbatim): “after God and” my parents you are third in line “among those that have impacted most on” my life!
Consequent upon that knowledge, I am convinced that you would not go out of your way to destroy your own creation: the ‘Product of Your endeavour!’ It is with that in mind that I am rest assured that in spite of the very harsh words employed in your letter you mean well for me and for Nigeria: a nation you have served so passionately and zealously for almost all of your adult life! It is on record that you have ruled our nation for more years than any other Nigerian, living or dead.
My Oga, most of the issues raised in your letter will be given utmost consideration by this Government. There is little gainsaying the fact that many of these Problems that beset our dear nation have caked over time, and many are problems that predates even my birth!! It will take more than a Jonathan, and a lot more time than my constitutional term in office to clear this Aegean’s Stable! I will need, and I kindly solicit with humility, the help and cooperation of Juggernauts like yourself, and the other eminent past Presidents whom you originally copied in your letter. You all have ruled this nation before me. I am just a tool in God’s Hand and I pray fervently each day that His Divine will be done. I don’t arrogate to myself any super-human ability. I am a humble fisherman’s Son who is thrust on the threshold of History!
As for the continued fight against Terrorists within our borders, you must admit that it has become a global surge. A near phenomenal development that is not restricted to Nigeria alone: From Yemen to The USA, to Iraq and Afghanistan; from Mali to Sudan to Mauritania and All of North African! The global News Networks compete hour-on-hour to report one dastardly terrorist act after the other! As a retired 4-star General, and Three times Commander-in-Chief, as a veteran of past wars, and a battlefield tactician, you are well aware of the threats posed by the Terrorists of Boko Haram. I publicly seek your guidance this day to help combat this scourge. My PhD in Zoology is no match for your expertise in this regard!
In your time as president, our great party the PDP, weathered great storms and tempests, which saw Four National Chairmen during your Tenure: Lar, Gemade, Audu Ogbeh, Ahmadu Ali. I do not think it helps the polity to continue playing Russian roulette with the Party Leadership. And if that has to be done, it should be within the dictates and provisions of the Party’s Constitution which you helped put in place and amended.
Permit me Mr. President to also comment, albeit briefly, on your statement that I support NON-PDP candidates. That cannot be further from the Truth! What I have however vowed to do, is to discontinue the Practice of The PDP during your TWO-Terms in office to jettison the People’s mandate and ensure that legitimate victors at the ballot box claim the electorate’s Mandate. May be this is perceived otherwise in certain quarters. For this I owe no apologies! More so, I am President of Nigeria, not President of the PDP. I am a loyal Party man, but I swore on oath to defend ALL Nigerians, regardless of tribe, creed or partisan persuasion.
Finally Sir, your letter is an 18-paged missive, and a cursory reply might not do justice to it. I am very convinced that I would require your guidance and support to enable me tackle the issues as thoroughly as humanly permissible. And as for the alleged belligerence of some of my aides (some of whom had served you in similar capacities), I take full responsibility, and ask you to take all in your statemanly stride and with equanimity. You are a father of this nation. We are in trying times, and we face a Tempest. Help us steer this Ship to State to berth in calmer waters.
I remain your prodigy. Please remain assured of my most esteemed regards.
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, PhD., GCFR
President, Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Presidential Villa, Abuja.
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