Osagie Fadaka
Osagie Fadaka

Once the word selfish is mentioned, what readily comes to mind is when two or more separate parties deny themselves of opportunities most especially financial instrument or facilities that could be of advantage within themselves. they try as much as possible to box up the opposing group to a corner to create a sort of inconvenience on purpose, frustrate it to achieve it’s goal.

Some do not put the other party into consideration, but will rather make themselves a priority position before you.. Mostly you get distracted and may have to attend to such persons before you move further doing your ‘thing’. It’s rather cautious when inter acting with such person, so they do not feel denied. In case as regards your place of work you may have to take time out whilst you’re to be on duty to attend to their immediate needs which is not suppose not suppose to be.

Let’s use an example of a medical consultant, The fact that he has such medical knowledge doesn’t mean he should carry out treatment on the spot. or has a better understanding of what may be happening to his neighbour who has lost all protocal senses ‘call an ambulance’ goes knocking at the doors of someone who’s already running late for work. as a case study,

To go by protocals in developed countries the best that could be done is for an ambulance to be alerted which is given priority at breaking all traffic rules  and for every vehicle to make way for it so as to get to the incident place in good time, paramedics to put in their best and make a temporal resuscitation of the victim before getting it to the accident and emergency ward where it’ll get another priority attention.

Coincidentally the doctor that was not permitted to carry out treatment now begins it’s official work medical work of putting into practice his medical abilites. if he had made an attempt to help out hospital enviroment, he’ll be defiling medical protocals and he may be sanctioned or his medical licence withdrawn as depends on the choice of the sanction

– Osagie Fadaka



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