Some years ago I listened to a message titled Force of Faith by Chris Oyakhilome and for me it is one of greatest message I ever heard,  so full of inspiration and faith. It taught me clearly how powerful faith is in overcoming life challenges.
Years have rolled by and I have noticed that there is an opposing force called FEAR which seem to always get the best of us.
It is pertinent to note that behind every action of greed and crime is the fear factor: A man so fearful of poverty would still billions in hope of forever banishing poverty. We all seem to fear the unknown.
Nigeria is a country blessed with abundant human and natural resources…. so much so that we can become whatever we want to be as a people and nation but over the years selfish and vested interests (thanks to Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) has rubbed us of our glory.
Everyday we are barraged by fierce stormy predictions of doom. It seem everyone is so sure of our imminent demise as a nation and that the labours of our heroes past would surely be in vain.
As 2015 swings into full gear we are everly reminded that it is either this way or the highway or that way or the highway. Threats and counter threats pervades the horizon of our national atmosphere.  “Asari Dokubo threatens bloodshed if President Jonathan losses election and El rufai counters that the nation would plunge into chaos if the 2015 elections are not credible”. ” Rivers state is presently experiencing a somewhat political seige,  APC never ceases to remind whoever cares to listen that unless it wins the government at the center Nigeria is most certain to disintegrate. ”
Tune into any television station or read the national dailies they are all full of predictions of doom; need i mention the Boko Haram menace in the north that seem so unending, the kidnappings and baby trade which is booming in the east or the crude oil theft/bunkering in the south? Everyday it looks as if crime is sudddenly gaining ascendancy and our security outfits are lost as to how to combat it.
This got me thinking: are we really on our way to chaos or are the political elites just spreading the gospel of doom? Why is there a conspiracy by the members of the fourth estate of the realm to help in spreading such?(anyway,  bad news sells… so bad news is good news.)
The answer to these questions is simple……. THE FORCE OF FEAR.
Yes fear is such a powerful force that captivates and holds in perpetual bondage those that subscribes to its influence. It is a veritable tool in the hands of oppressors.  No slave master or oppressor can function without the force of fear.
However, over the years,  how this  force is used has evolved. So in Nigeria the unsuspecting masses are constantly being  indoctrinated about an impending doom on the Nigeria state. The tale of our continued existence is one of gloom. There is apprehension in the land and no one knows where or whom to turn to.
This is the gimmick being played by the political slave masters to make us choose between two devils,  each pretending to be the lesser evil. They with the help of their spin masters in the media want us to believe that being a lesser devil makes one an angel of light.
We are being painted into a corner to believe thar unless A or B is voted into power Nigeria would cease to exist. I have just one important question for those that subscribe to this school of thought:What if your principal sleeps tonight and don’t wake tomorrow would there still be a Nigeria?
I want to assure Nigerians that all these dramas from Sokoto to Rivers,  Lagos to Anambra, Kano to Osun would not spell doom for Nigeria. It is just a mere conspiracy by the elite to hold us down in bondage using the weapon of fear by preaching impending doom.
Let no one fool you that the PDP as a party  is responsible for our collective failure or that APC as a party is the needed messiah.
Every single member of the political elite has contributed his/her quota in ensuring that we are where we today as a nation.  It is time we all stop falling for the good cop,  bad cop gimmick.
Fellow Nigerians fear is a powerful force and it has being used to hold us down for so long but I see a people who are willing to break free from the shackles of fear.
We are already on the right path and most assuringly 2015 would come and go and we would still be here waxing strong as a great nation and good people.
I would end this piece with an advise given to me by a dear friend (Omorogbe Emovon): When you are  between the Devil and the Sea just hold your ground because where you are is rhe safest place.
Let the devils of bombings,  religious conflicts,  oil theft,  kidnapping, corruption continue to chase from behind,  and the raging sea of the uncertain future billow roll. Come 2015 and beyond we would be standing tall as a nation.
We would never give in to fear.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
– Madonna Nwajagu



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