Sports Channel

‘(Sports) is not a matter of life and death. It is more important than that.’  –   Muhammad Ali

Whatever our socio-cultural and religious backgrounds, one basic instinct common to people around the world – without exception – is the instinct of play.  Not only are Nigerians in particular, a famously fun-loving and gregarious people, they are also very inventive in the ways in which they fill their leisure time. Before the advent of European contact, Nigerians indulged in a variety of games and sports which not only provided recreation and entertainment, but also served as occasions for family and kindred unity as well as communal solidarity and in-gathering.  Though not indigenous to Nigeria, the enduring appeal of games like football makes them favorites among Nigerians. From dusty street corners to the most majestic of arenas, the beautiful game excites passions like no other can, and the depth of talent in Nigeria has seen the country prove its mettle on the international stage on many occasions, winning continental and global titles at different levels in both the male and female categories. PACE Sports Channel brings you both the high and low points of sporting action from around the globe, in a way that pumps your adrenaline and lifts your spirits.

Because play is essential to our physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being, whether as participants or fans.

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