PaceTV Media Academy (PMA)

Pace TV Media Academy (PMA) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Putting People’s First Media (PPFMedia), PaceTV’s leading media company, offering training, education and consultancy services to address the needs of the local and regional media industries.

Incorporated since November 2005, PaceTV Media Academy consolidates over 20 years of broadcast and media expertise to provide a wide range of accredited, conservatory-style and market-relevant programmes that are taught by top practising professionals using comprehensive facilities.

PaceTV Media Academy currently provides enrichment, education and performance arts training to kids and youths; professional media training to adult professionals and hobbyists; media training solutions and consultancy services to corporations and organisations.

PaceTV Media Academy was appointed the Continuing Education and Training (CET) centre for the local media industry in 2014. Pace Media Academy‘s training programmes are also available to lay people who aspire to nurture their creative and artistic potentials.

PMA is a PPFMedia enterprise. PPFMedia is a leading media company with the most complete range of platforms, spanning television, radio, digital and out-of-home media. PPFMedia has over 10 products and brands, including online classifieds, Internet TV-on-demand and High Definition TV broadcast. PPFMedia’s vision is to become Africa’s top media company, delivering valued content to the world.


Talent Development Programmes offered by PaceTV Media Academy are specially designed for teens, Youths and Hobbyists. These programmes aim to nurture teens’ talents, encourage the youths to pursue their passion in media and provide hobbyists the skills and knowledge to satisfy their personal interests in the media.

Delivered by practicing professionals of their craft, our programmes have been designed with the different media genres as the foundation, drawing on the vast resources and experience of PPFMedia.


Our programmes for youths have been designed to educate and train the young who have aspirations in pursuing their passion in media and performing arts. They learn in a conservatory environment from leading professionals of their craft.


PaceTV Media Academy has the capacity to customise courses for different age groups to support the learning and development of your students. The courses are good enrichment classes to support the school’s curriculum. Workshops and holiday courses will expose them to media related activities at a young age.

PaceTV Media Academy has also been conducting enrichment courses specially designed for teachers. These programmes can be conducted at your school premise. Alternatively, we also host programmes at our academy where recording experience and hands-on production training can be provided.

For more information on our Customised Programmes, contact us at [email protected] or +234-806-499-5387.