No fewer than twenty four persons have been allegedly killed by suspected herdsmen in different communities in Benue state, newsmen report.

House of Representatives members from Benue state made this known to newsmen on Thursday. Buhari-Ortom Quoting Dickson Takighir, who spoke on behalf of his colleagues as reported by Thecable, “These latest attacks have occurred in Ikyon and Agasha on April 3 and April 4; in Semaka, Asom, Babanruwa on April 3 and in Udei and Umenger on April 2.

“They (the herdsmen) are right now stationed at Nzorov council ward, ready to attack Gbajimba in the Guma Local Government Area. There are others in Nasarawa, ready to attack Udei and Daudu with over 14 people killed in the last four days.

“Similarly, Sengev, Mbakyondo and Mbapa areas of Gwer-West local government area are currently under siege by armed herdsmen.

“In Tsegaase, two people have been killed; one person is missing in Zwatema, two killed in Tse Adeke, one killed in Tse Adudu with one missing in Tsekelefu”.

So far, we have yet to confirm the casualty level in Enger.

On April 3, four people were killed in Anyebe and one person at Mbavihi both in Tonbo ward of Logo local government.

“We also demand that the government should deploy a proper military operation in Benue State and to also station military units in restive communities in Benue until the herdsmen menace has been dealt with”.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had assured Benue people of adequate security and protection against armed bandits. But Why this incessant killings Benue and other parts of the country?



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